School Email Features

We host your email accounts on our customised Microsoft™ Exchange 2010 servers and integrate with your Management Information System to automate account management. The service will continue to evolve with feedback from existing customers and already boasts a number of unique features for schools.


Setup takes two minutes, accounts are automated, email is spam filtered and works with Outlook 2007+, there are no hardware requirements, no licensing requirements and costs are low! Click to Request a Quote or scroll down for the full list of features.

Web 2.0 Service

Our online control panel allows you to manage the service from any PC:

  • Create distribution lists of email addresses e.g. Parents, Governers
  • Add a custom disclaimer to all emails sent
  • Customise the Whitelist / Blacklist Spam settings
  • Create unlimited aliases for all users e.g. ICT@school.gfl.ac.uk
  • Allow or Deny access to emails from the outside world
  • Create a manual or temporary user
  • Reset one password or bulk reset all passwords

Fully Compatible

  • Webmail (OWA) School Email has a webmail client that is accessible anywhere
  • Outlook: Connect with Outlook 2007+
  • Inbox Size: 500Mb per user
  • File Attachments: Maximum 20Mb attachments per email
  • Username: firstname.surname, initial.surname or mr/mrs/miss.surname
  • Mobile: Connect with any activsync enabled mobile (iPhone 3G, Windows SmartPhone and more)
  • Interface: Interact with right-click and drag & drop functionality, easily sort and search your inbox
  • Spam Protection: Spam Assassin with Postfix and customised unix-based filtering
  • Cost: Low annual subscriptions from as little as £1 per user (Local Authority / Cluster pricing available for multiple schools)

What next?

For more detailed information about the service, start the School Email Tour. Or if you want us to get in touch with you, please use our Contact Form.