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Detailed Features List

Detailed Features List:

The screenshot shows the Webmail client in action. The interface is simple, with drag ‘n’ drop and right-click menus.

Email Addresses

School Email automatically configures email addresses for all users, teachers get the following email addresses:

  • Firstname.Surname e.g. John.Smith@StJohns.humber.sch.uk
  • Initial.Surename e.g. J.Smith@StJohns.humber.sch.uk
  • Title.Surname e.g. Mr.Smith@StJohns.humber.sch.uk

For pupils, the following naming scheme is used:

  • Prefix.Firstname.Surename@schooldomain.sch.uk e.g. stjo.Jack.Collins@StJohns.humber.sch.uk

Your school domain will depend on you schools setup, see Domain Information
Schools can add additional email addresses using the School Email Portal, see Aliases

Email Accounts

School Email creates one mailbox account for every user in your school, depending on which package the school subscribes to. We also create Office, School Diary and Day Book accounts for each school. If you need to add additional users to School Email this can easily be done using the School Email Portal.

Automatic Email Address Updates*

Updating users every time someone new starts at your school can be a real chore. We have created a small client that installs on to the admin server to update new users straight from your school MIS system. A list of new accounts and passwords is emailed to the schools office account every morning, the system will even let you know if the updates are not been received by us. These updates are done securely over the internet and transmitted data is always encrypted.

* Automatic updates are only available for schools running Capita SIMS and Serco Facility CMIS


An alias is just another name for an email address; you can add additional aliases to any user of school email. For example, the head teacher may want the email address: head@schooldomain.sch.uk. You can login to the School Email Portal and add this (and any other) alias.

Distribution Lists

Customised Distribution lists can be created in the School Email control Panel. You can add users within your school and external users to one distribution list that will be displayed in Address Books for each member of staff.

As a part of the automatic updates, School Email will automatically create groups for all staff, admin staff and class groups. These are all accessible from the global address list.

Pupil cards

These cards are designed to aid teaching and learning. The cards are small business like cards for the pupils to use, that contain the pupil’s login name, email address and password for School Email.

Domain Names

All schools own domain names; usually they are schoolname.lea.sch.uk. Sometimes schools will buy additional domain names for their school such as schoolname.co.uk. School Email supports multiple domain names for email accounts and in addition to you own school domain(s), we will assign the following email addresses to all users:

  • Username@jnrmail.com
  • Username@pemail.me

These email addresses will be assigned to every user that signs up to School Email completely free.

DNS Hosting

School email offers DNS record hosting for schools. Schools often would like to purchase a different domain name for their school like schoolname.com. We can setup School Email with a new domain or if your School currently owns a domain name we can transfer it to our service and mange it for you.

MX Records

MX records tell email services on the Internet where to send your email. If you want to use School Email with your current domain name you will have to change your MX records to point to our servers. This can either be done by someone at your school or we can take care of the process for you, which usually takes 2-3 working days.

Admin & SLT

Admin & SLT Tools:

The screenshot shows the Webmail client in Calendar view.


School Email creates the school’s Office email account as a separate mailbox. The office mailbox can be configured so that more than one user can open the emails*. This means emails sent to office@schooldomain.sch.uk will be delivered to the Office Mailbox. You can add permissions to allow other users to open the mailbox and send replies on behalf of the office account.

School Diary

The school diary is a whole-school diary that is automatically shared to all users. The diary is accessible from webmail by clicking “My School Diary”. This is very useful for displaying whole school events such as open days and parents evenings. The school diary is also published to html and xml, which can be integrated into your schools website.

Day Book

The day book is a shared calendar that only teachers can view, this is ideal for displaying information only for teachers such as training days, room changes and staff meetings.

Admin users

Users of School Email can be promoted to Admin users via the Control Panel. Once a user has been promoted to Admin, they have the following rights:

  • Ability to login to the Customer Control panel and modify school wide settings
  • Access to the school’s office email
  • Access to any pupil’s email account

Email & Spam Filtering

Email & Spam filtering:

The screenshot shows the Webmail Compose Email screen, with auto-complete and spell-checking.

Active Filters

All emails are scanned for spam and unsolicited contact. We also provide protection against bullying, profanity and harassment with a custom keyword list. Any suspicious emails are sent to a nominated staff member who can also open any student’s inbox or view the sent items.

SPAM Filters

School Email has its own customised SPAM filters. Our SPAM filters are designed to check all emails for content that could be SPAM. We drop 99% of SPAM but some that we are unsure about will be delivered to the user’s Junk E-Mail folder. Emails that we think are SPAM will be prefixed with the tag ****SPAM****. Any incorrectly tagged emails can be added to the white list using the School Email Portal.

Customise Filters

School Email has integrated filters that protect the pupil mailboxes against bullying and sexual predators. When an email is delivered to a pupil the email is checked against a list of keywords and phrases. If any of the keywords or phrases match our filters, the email is copied to the schools office account. (The delivery location can be changed via the School Email Portal.)

Technical Information

Technical Information:

The screenshot shows the Webmail client in action.


School Email currently works with most email clients and we recommend using Microsoft Outlook for the best experience. The protocols that are currently working on school email are:

  • POP
  • IMAP

For more details about configuring email clients to School Email see our Help Guides.


We know how important it is to secure your data. Any information sent to or from School Email is encrypted; we have fully signed 128-bit SSL certificates that encrypt all data that travels to our servers.

School Email Technical Data

School Email is built on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. We have a clustered enterprise setup that is in a hosted environment. The system is developed and managed by a team of engineers who specialise in Microsoft products and who have all worked in schools prior to working for School Email.

The School Email Servers are backed up every night to a secure offsite data centre, the backup purpose is for disaster recovery in case of total system crash.

The School Email environment currently looks after over 25,000 users, all the servers are monitored for problems and performance and we have an upgrade plan for all the servers that keeps School Email running at peak performance at all times.

Ports required for School Email

This list will tell you which ports you need opening for each features of School Email:

  • Outlook Web Access ports: 80(HTTP), 443(HTTPS)
  • Outlook connectivity ports: 135(RPC), 443(HTTPS)
  • POP Connectivity ports: 110(POP3), 995(POP3Secure)
  • IMAP Connectivity ports: 143(IMAP), 993(IMAP Secure)
  • School Email Auto Updater port: 21(FTP)

Most of these ports are very common ports but if you are having connectivity problems you will need to check that the ports are open correctly.


School Email pays for Exchange licenses for all the users signed up to School Email. If you use email clients (e.g. Microsoft Outlook 2007) to connect to School Email you will need to purchase the correct licenses for the software.

Technical Information

Signup process:

The screenshot shows the Webmail client in action with right-click menu.

Try Before you Buy

Schools are given the chance to test trial accounts to see the power and flexibility of school email.

Signup for the Service

Request a quote from the website. You will be contacted by a member of our team who will collect information about your school. We can also create a new account for testing purposes.

Activate New Accounts on School Email.

If your school uses Capita SIMS or Facility CMIS you will need to download and install the School Email Updater link to sims setup.

If you school does not run any of the supported MIS systems, you can send you data to School Email manually. We will require the following information from your school:

  • Staff: First name, Surname, Title
  • Pupils: First name, Surname, Class, Year

You can also add users manually by using the School Email portal.

Once we have received this information from your school we will create you user accounts within 3 working days. You will be contacted again once the accounts are live.

Migrating to School Email

The accounts will be all live; you cannot start to use your accounts until you have changed your MX records. If you have chosen to let us transfer the MX records for your school we will contact you and arrange a date for this to be done. If not you must arrange for this to be done and as soon as this change is made you MUST start using school email as your email solution, email will be delivered to school email and not your old provider. If your school has signed up to use Microsoft Outlook connectivity and mobile access you will need to have some ports opened through your firewall. Find out more about ports…

Customising School Email

You can start to customise school email to work just how your school would like. You will be provided a login to our school email portal; you can make changes to the setup and configuration of school email from the portal. If you have signed up for the premium package you may want to configure some addition email clients, e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Mobile telephones, you can visit our support pages here. Link to support.